Contact Jørgen Chemnitz photojournalist
+299 539 120
Postboks 846
Saqarliit 50
3900 Nuuk

Jørgen Chemnitz graduated in photography in 1985. He has worked on several leading studios in Copenhagen and also had his own studio in the advertising business in Copenhagen until 1990.

If you need professional pictures in your organisation or company, just contact The pictures are big files, so besides using them on the web, the files are ready for printing.

As a still photographer Jørgen Chemnitz has done jobs for Statoil, IBM and Magasin du Nord, Tele Greenland and the Goverment of Greenland.

Jørgen Chemnitz is working with Polfoto, a Danish picture agency, so if you want to make your pictures accessible to the world, can help you with that.


  • 3/22/2010 news1 A new company has seen the light of the day in Greenland and on the internet. The name of the company is, with reference to It is a company that produces homepages for organisations and companies.