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+299 539 120
Postboks 846
Saqarliit 50
3900 Nuuk

It is all about "public relations" - pr - it is about how your company or organisation connects to the public and the press in Greenland.

Jørgen Chemnitz is a writer and photographer. His is in charge of based in Nuuk, Greenland and he works with a network of freelancers within the graphic and IT field.

The company produces websites, texts and pictures, as well as updates your website with new content and pictures.

The company also gives advice on comunication in Greenland.



  • 3/22/2010 news1 A new company has seen the light of the day in Greenland and on the internet. The name of the company is, with reference to It is a company that produces homepages for organisations and companies.